This post is part of a series about the Best European poker sites

There are hundreds of poker sites in Europe, few are very big like Pokerstars, 888 & partypoker. The biggest poker sites in Europe are appealing because they feel more secure and the great amount of other poker players makes us feel like there will be easier money to be had – bigger poker pool, more poker fish. But playing in a big poker site is actually a classic beginner poker mistake, just like playing too many tables at the same time, and if you want to make the best of your budding poker career, you’ll pick a small poker site that will better fit your needs.

Small poker sites – jumpstart your poker career in 2016

Small poker sites hold many advantages for poker players over the big European poker websites. If you are new to poker in 2016, you want to start by playing at most 3 tables, at a small poker site, learn as you play and start raking in the poker money.

Play at small poker site: better deposit bonuses

The biggest European poker sites don’t really need you, so if you want to play poker at pokerstars you have to accept their poker first deposit bonus as well as their reduced vip program. If you play at a small poker website, you have the leverage to get the best poker deposit bonuses in the industry!

Play at small poker site: You have more power

Even after you make your first deposit at a poker website, you continue to have more power to get continued bonuses for your poker play. Remember, the small European poker website needs constant poker players to make money so this gives you an opportunity to get more out of your situation.

Play at small poker site: just you and the fish

When you play at a big European poker website, everywhere you turn you’ll find poker sharks playing boring poker against each other. Finding the fish is harder because there are too many options for everyone to pick from. When you play at a small European poker site, most of the time you’ll be playing poker against fish who deposited just to check out the site or poker amateurs in the mood for a 1-time gamble. These are the players you want to beat if you are just starting to play poker and you’ll find more of them in a small poker site.

Play at small poker site: Tournaments/freerolls/races are easier!

Everything in a small poker website is smaller, and the means that the poker races have less competition, the tournaments don’t meet their guarantee levels – making them extra profitable for you – and freerolls are almost guaranteed cash. You need these opportunities if you want to move up fast, poker is a game of volume, so you want as many little cash boosts as you can get

Best Small poker site in Europe

There are many great small poker sites in Europe, we believe the best small poker site is is a small independent room that has made a name for itself in Asia. This means you’ll be playing against looser competition that has had less time to get used to poker. Deposit up to € 200 today and get a 300% bonus, weekly rakeback and all of the great freerolls/races and easy tournaments you can ask for.

Risks of small poker sites

Poker is a gamble, making a career in poker is a bigger gamble, choosing the right poker website is the biggest gamble of them all. You want to run good at poker, you want to get a great poker bonus, you want constant promotions and soft competition; You don’t want your room to close down and refuse to pay out your funds. The main risk with small poker websites is that they will not be able to stay profitable and close shop before you get an opportunity to withdraw. Fortunately, if you’re playing with Eu Poker, you get to pick between vetted poker websites with good history of poker withdrawals.