Belarus Poker regulation

This post is part of a series about European poker regulation

Poker is legal in Belarus if you play in land based casinos throughout the country, there is no taxation for the poker players themselves but the casino does need to pay a fixed tax per table. Playing poker online in Belarus is not legal nor is it legal to gamble in any other way online in the country.

Belarus poker restrictions online

Belarus is an interesting place and by interesting we mean a terrifyingly scary prison state that has a deep fear and hate for the internet. It makes sense, when you’re trying to run a crazy dictator founded on mass exploitation of your extremely poor population, then you generally have a tendency to hate free speech and the modern media. Persons found using the internet have experienced major fines in the past so going online is generally highly discouraged, and recent news indicates that Belarus is planning to join a coalition for global internet regulation, an effort we hope will burn up in flames.

Having said that, the advantage of living in a country where the level of technical expertise is minimal is that many poker players have found ways around the online restrictions in Belarus and some have even gone on to make many millions playing poker online and land based. The current top Belarusian player is Alex Bolotin, with total live earnings of over 2.6 million dollars and he’s not the only one!

Belarus Poker bots

At the same time, Belarus has gained some fame across the internet for less amazing things in relation to poker and has been historically one of the biggest manufacturer of bot networks across many European poker networks. Bot networks are exactly what they sound like, a program designed to play poker online in real money and beat real money poker players.

Playing poker in Belarus

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