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The best European poker sites, and the biggest poker websites in the world, exist because poker players like you play poker online every day, grinding thousands in rake. We want to give you the power to make more money out of your poker play online by giving you the highest poker bonuses & cash back rewards at the best European poker websites online in 2016. Interested? Get top rake back, exclusive free rolls & races, added deposit bonuses, and many more cash making opportunities.

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Getting the most out of poker

The majority of poker players online sink into a routine, they get too comfortable with the poker site they are used to, never thinking to move to other better poker deals. Yes, you can beat the games, but a good poker bonus can take you a long way. If you want to cut your grind you’ll hunt for the best new poker sites. Even if you’re sitting on a comfortable deal today, you  should consider switching poker sites right away. Why? Not only will you evolve as a poker player by facing new and exciting challenges, but you’ll also be able to get away with more because you’re new to all the other players on the site! Poker sites want you to stick around because they’re making money off of your hard work, you need to make the decision to switch poker sites for your own good and pick one of the great poker deals below

Highest Poker Bonus

If you want the highest poker bonus on the market, and think you can chop away at hundreds in rewards, then you’re ready for and their massive 300% up to €/£200 First deposit Bonus. Start playing poker at ourgame with EU Poker and you’ll also get weekly rake back as well as exclusive prizes while you play from Eu Poker.

New to Poker in 2016

If you started playing poker in 2016, you want to make money fast. If you want to have the best opportunity to learn poker and make money playing poker, Ourgame’s poker welcome bonus – 300% on €/£200 Deposit – is the very best poker bonus for you. When you pick Ourgame’s poker bonus you also get from Eu Poker access to weekly rake back and exclusive weekly & monthly Poker Free rolls.

Confused by some of the terms we used? Check out this brief poker career dictionary

What’s poker rake back?

As you play poker online you pay fees called rake to the poker site you’re playing at. The best way to increase your profitability as a poker player is to get a poker deal with Eu Poker that refunds you on some of the rake you pay. Depending on the poker site you choose you can get as much as %50 of your rake back each week. Professional poker players can earn more than 20 buy ins each and every month from rakeback alone, so if you’re playing full time at .25/.50 no limit texas holdem you could be making €/£1000 a month without even winning a dime at the table!

When do I get rakeback?

Rakeback for most of the best European poker sites will be sent directly to your account each and every week, if you prefer another arrangement Eu Poker is here for you, contact us directly at and tell us what you need.

What’s a free roll

Free rolls are free tournaments with real money prizes. Free rolls are the only way a new poker player can make money for free. Poker sites don’t love to give out free money though, so good poker free rolls are hard to come by. We put pressure on the poker sites you love to run exclusive private free rolls for you, so you can earn those extra couple of bucks as you enjoy playing poker on your normal schedule.

Picking the right poker affiliate

There are many sites promoting poker brands online, it’s important you find a partner and not just click on a link. Don’t feel convinced by what you’ve read so far? Contact us at and we’ll attach a dedicated agent to answer all of your questions and support you while you play poker online.

Learn more about Poker

Do you feel like you need to know more about poker? At EU Poker you’ll find simple, helpful, and up to the moment news and updates about anything European and poker, you can expect to learn about European poker & European poker regulation, different poker rooms in Europe and the strategy to play Texas Holdem against european poker players. We know the craziest poker is happening in Europe so we’ll do our best to give you helpful tips and advice that could serve you next time you sit at a poker table in europe.

Best European Poker Sites

Poker in Europe has never been more secure and comfortable, and with the poker bonuses here at Eu Poker you can net a few euros playing poker even if you’re not a big winner at the table. We do recommend you try out our leading partner ladbrokes poker. Interested in more European poker sites? Check out the best EU Poker sites

European poker rebirth

European countries are opening their doors to regulated European poker. Led by the European Commission, all EU member countries will allow poker very soon. We’re very excited to welcome Switzerland and Romania, as the most recent countries to legalize poker. We are hopeful to see Hungary and Portugal join them soon. Interested to learn more about the legality of poker in Europe? check out poker regulation in Europe by country

Best poker bonuses

The best poker bonuses are at your fingertips, because Eupoker players deserve the best! If you don’t like the poker bonuses on this page don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll set you up with a custom fitted deal based on your poker needs. We also contract our players for work based on their interests, want to make money for poker content? Write about poker strategy or poker news? What about coaching weaker poker players for a handsome profit? Become an Eupoker player and open up a world of possibilities. Grab a poker bonus today!

Practical poker strategy

Want poker strategy that matters? Real helpful tips that you can use at the table? We’ve put out many different practical holdem advice over the years, poker tips that will improve your decision making at the table. Interested to improve your texas holdem knowledge? Then check out our poker strategy section and start learning how you can improve at poker today.
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